What we offer

We are an interdisciplinary team and offer Craniosacral Therapy and Traditional European Naturopathy treatments.
With our broad knowledge, expertise and our holistic approach, we can support you individually on
your journey towards a healthy and balanced life.
Because Naturopathy and Craniosacral Therapy work on different levels, we often experience that issues can be resolved more efficiently and on a deeper level if the two approaches are used in combination. This is why we offer our clients to work with both of us in individual sessions but with coordinated treatments.
A consultation always starts with a thorough assessment of your needs and individual situation. Depending on this, we can advise on which therapy methods will most likely be successful.
As our methods are not aiming for a quick fix but are focussed on a deep healing process, it is often necessary to see you three to five times or even more often over the course of two to three months. We do not suppress symptoms but help you to activate a healing process that changes your physical and mental wellbeing and that addresses the root cause of the issue.

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