I have been suffering from minor chronic health problems for a number of years and have been hugely helped by Mel and David.  They both have a great deal of integrity and knowledge about their chosen fields, so I was easily able to trust the process from the outset. Coupled with their calm, compassionate and professional approach I felt highly supported and very safe. This allowed us to work collaboratively, to quickly and powerfully get to the root causes of the dis-ease for deep healing to take place. In fact, I cannot recommend them highly enough. 
David is a fantastic practitioner of both homeopathic and naturopathic medicine. He really is a great listener and very insightful, so his choice of remedy was spot on. His approach is integral - he works at a deep emotional and energetic level to really get to the root cause of the
dis-ease. With his calm guidance and support, he really holds the space to empower you as a client to journey through the healing process back to wholeness. I would highly recommend having a treatment with him.
Mel is a deeply compassionate and gifted healer. Her calm and patient support really allowed me to relax enough for healing to take place.  She listens very well and gives the time and space to allow you as a client to talk through all issues coming up. The healings work very deeply both emotionally and energetically; she really guided me to understand what was happening and then trust and centre myself. After each treatment I felt much more grounded and at peace.

M. G. - 48 years old

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